Online Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Online Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Convenient Flexible & Effective

Academic Coaching Associates coaches often use video conferencing to teach students essential strategies to increase student success. Through the miracle of technology, students and their coaches can see and speak to each other right on their computer screens, even if they are miles, or continents away.  Video conferencing is simple to set up.  Just like social media, it requires users to have usernames and passwords and invite others to connect. Once the student and coach both accept that request to connect, they ready for their online coaching session.  All it takes is one click and like magic, the students academic coach immediately pops up on their computer screen.

Online academic coaching and tutoring has great benefits such as:

  • Students and academic coaches can literally be on the same page. The screen sharing option allows the students and coach to view what is on each others computer screens. This is great for viewing the on-line grading portal, editing essays in Google docs, researching, viewing assignments, teaching study strategies, and so much more.
  • Students do not lose valuable study time in transit
  • The academic coach can see and evaluate the effectiveness of where the student studies and does their homework.  Is the dog sitting on their lap or is someone watching television in the background?   The academic coach is able to make suggestions to limit distractions leading to better productivity.
  • The academic coach can teach and reinforce skills exactly where the student will use them
  • In Skype, there is an option to send links, pictures, files or messages which makes for more effective academic coaching sessions

Online academic coaching is the perfect solution for:

  • Students who live too far away to see their academic coach in person
  • Students who have limited transportation options. Many of our students either do not drive or do not have anyone to drive them to sessions.
  • Snow days or inclement weather that makes driving difficult or dangerous
  • College or boarding school students who cannot meet with their academic coach in-person
  • Students who are on vacation but do not want to miss a session


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